Whether you learn how to build a fireplace mantel or purchase one here, you need to consider how it will be installed to your fireplace.

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How to Mount Log Mantel to Stud Wall
  1. Attach a 2X4 or a appropriately sized piece of wood to the back flat of the mantel.
  2. Attach enclosed brackets provided to 2X4 spaced to fit over studs in wall.
  3. Raise mantel to desired height [check local building codes] and screw the brackets to the studs in the wall
  4. If you have support logs, they are decorative only.
  5. Cover your mantel with plastic before starting any rock work around it.

How To Mount Log Mantle to Masonry Fireplace

  1. Determine location of the flue for fireplace. Do not drill holes within 12 inches of either side.
  2. Determine height of mantle. Stay 20″ minimum from top of fireplace doors or opening to firebox, or check with your local Building Inspector.
  3. Drill two holes in fireplace with masonry bit (3/4″), approximately 4″ deep.
  4. Put 2-3 ounces high temperature silicone into the holes and place 10″ reddy bolt into holes.
  5. Place mantle at desired level, mark holes in flat side, and drill with 3/4″ wood bit. Push mantle onto bolts with 2-3 ounces high temperature silicone in each hole.
How To Mount Mantle to Wood Framed – Cultured Stone Fireplace
  1. Mount a 2×4, 12 inches shorter than the length of the mantle, to the back of the mantle.
  2. From the hardware store, buy two or three metal plates (1/8x1x8 inch) and a dozen 3-inch wood screws.
  3. Mount the plates to the 2×4 spaced to fit the studs in the wall.
  4. Hold the mantle up to the desired height and screw to the wall.
  5. Placed cultured stone around the mantle