Pick out the wood fireplace mantel you want…have it in

3 days, or less!

When deciding on your mantel, consider the following characteristics:

White Cedar– These mantles are peeled and the natural beauty is exposed. White cedar typically has the most variation in color and character.



White Pine– The bark is hand drawn off, leaving selected sections to add to the character.



Timber Mantels 









Finished or Unfinished (Color) – Determine whether you want a three-coat satin poly finish. Understand of course the poly will contribute to the color of the wood.



Wood Markings – Cedar typically has worm mark etchings in the wood, white pine does not.

Drying Results – Expect some additional cracking as the wood continues to dry, especially above a heating source such as your fireplace. This will not compromise the integrity of the structure or the beauty and grace of the natural mantel. 

Support Logs – support logs are important and at North Shore, we add a special touch. Note how all the support logs are identical! Perfect matches. The inner core color of the support logs normally matches that of the mantle, as well. Another “extra” from N.S.L.C.